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H2 Premium Enters 5th Year

Posted on 20 November 2018 in General

The sister service to H2 Subscription – H2 Premium – entered its 5th year of advisory this autumn. In the last 12 months alone, the ‘deep dive’ service has been used by clients looking to gain market intelligence within jurisdictions including Australia, China, Brazil/Argentina, the US, Nigeria/Kenya, CEE, the Nordics and the UK.


In simple terms, H2 Premium offers the more dedicated time of the H2 Team and its network of H2 Associates all over the world to work on specific client business solutions. Instead of drawing down H2 Subscription data and analysing line numbers in-house, the Premium service offers the opportunity for H2 to work more in partnership with clients on deeper dive project assessments.


Premium clients can be both existing H2 Subscribers and/or one-off company requests for project-by-project support. Over 100+ organisations have accessed the service in the last 5 years – both within and without the sector. Examples of specific business operations/challenges worked on include:


For Operators and Suppliers

Market entry assessments

Product interactive strategies

Marketing/new channel development

Competitor review/benchmarking/market share

New business development

Responsible gambling programmes



For Investors and Financial Institutions 

Due diligence/investment decisions

IPO flotation/financial transactions

Sector litigation


For Regulators

Government/State policy formulation in the sector

Regulatory approach/standards

Economic/tax impact assessments

Nation by nation comparator profiling

New industry trends and innovations


For Sports Bodies

Professional integrity programme support

Sector rights/sponsorship deals

TV/advertising/new audience growth


H2 Premium Director, David Henwood, said: “The service tends to solve two challenges we all face – a lack of time, and a chance to get away from the screen. The Premium team can step in when a deadline is approaching and you need that quick and credible support. It can also allow you the headspace to talk through your plans and operating strategy with a third party that has both niche sector knowledge and genuine independence – useful before any major business decision.”


For more details http://h2gc.com/premium or e-mail David direct at david.henwood@h2gc.com.