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H2 Gambling Capital Updates Forecasts for Revised GDP Outlook and Announces Expanded Market Share Service

Posted on 26 October 2022 in General

H2 Gambling Capital, the leading data consultancy for the global gambling industry, expects total global gross win in 2023 to be c$483bn, with 2027 total global gross win expectations increasing to just over $585bn.


While H2's revised data has resulted in a relatively immaterial change to nominal forecasts following the new IMF data released in October, the impact from higher inflation expectations is material.

The updated inflation expectations mean that real growth has materially declined, with real growth squeezed by the double whammy of lower headline GDP and increased inflation expectations.

Based on the lack of growth in real terms, market share changes become increasingly important for operators and investors. H2 has therefore expanded its market share coverage to the whole of Europe, as well as the United States and Australia.


Nominal Growth Unchanged – Real Growth Significantly Impacted

In headline terms global total gambling gross win is set to be c3.6% higher than its 2019 level, but when the cumulative 17.5% inflation of the past three years is factored in, in real terms the sector is still c12.0% behind where it was prior to the pandemic.


The cumulative impact of inflation is so great that in real terms this year the sector as a whole is expected to only generate the equivalent of c4.2% more than it did 1998.


Market Share Gain Increasingly Important

With such sluggish real terms growth, changes in market share are becoming increasingly important for operators and investors.

H2’s Companies product includes detailed market share for the US sportsbetting and iGaming market, as well as the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and Australian markets. However, given the increasing importance of market share, H2 has now expanded its coverage to included headline market share data for every European market – through a mixture of web traffic analysis and company disclosures.



H2 Gambling Capital is the lead data consultancy for the global gambling industry.

For further information on H2’s data and research please contact: data@h2gc.com

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