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H2 Features as Ecomomist's Chart of the Day - "Bet the House" / Forbes

Posted on 02 September 2015 in General

H2 Features as Ecomomist's Chart of the Day - "Bet the House" / Forbes

Once again H2 features as the Economist's chart of the day reporting 2015 Global Gambling Gross Win was expected to dip 2.6% to US$359bn in 2015 as a result in a slowdown in Macau's casino business. Austalians' remains their mantel as the largest gamblers per head in the world with the United States the largest marker in absolute terms accounting for c28% of global regulated gambling activity. However, at its peak the United States once accounted for 35% of the regualted global gambling market. A lack of development of onshore interactive gambling and the rise of regualted gambling in China (Macau casinos and Mainland Lotteries / including sportsbetting) have been key drivers. China (including the SARs of Hong Kong and Macau) is now the 2nd largest gambling market in the world now accounting for c19% of the global market. Quite an achiebvement for a market that was not even in the top 10 in the year 2000.

About H2

H2 Gambling Capital (H2) is widely recognised as the industry standard for data regarding all aspects of the global gambling industry. As a result H2 has become the go to source for data regarding most aspects of the global gambling industry and particularly the fast growing interactive sector which has developed out of nothing to account for nearly 10% of the value of the global industry over just 15 years.

H2’s data has become by far the most quoted regarding the sector in company reports, transaction documentation and sell-side analysts’ notes as well as the sector / business media. The vast majority of the sector’s leading operators and service providers as well as many of the leading financial institutions and management consultants subscribe to the H2 service. In all H2’s team has worked with or supplied information to over 700 organisations over the past decade.

H2 offers the most comprehensive one stop iGaming / land based market data / regulatory intelligence. The subscriber area of H2's website now includes almost 2 million data points with more than 10,000 being published / updated each week, weekly new or updated subscriber postings totalling nearly 1,200 in the past 12 months and set to increase to c1,400 in 2016.

Further details may be found at www.h2gc.com or by emailing data@h2gc.com