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H2 Sets Record for Subscriber Postings in 2013

Posted on 02 January 2014 in Reports

As we enter 2014 H2 are pleased to report that during the past 12 months a record 544 new or updated postings were made in our password protected area for our subscribers. This represents an average of just over 45 per month and was 130% up on the level achieved in 2012.

In addition to regular updates of our national gambling datasets and regulatory papers 2013 saw the publication of our second Mobile Gambling Report and Dataset, a New Comprehensive Global Summary Dataset (which is now updated weekly) and the extension of all of our forecasts to 2018.

Going forward H2 is planning between 650 and 700 new or updated postings in 2014 / more detailed market reports and in doing so we will be set to increase the number of unique materials on the site by at least 20%.

New subscribers are now eligible to a maximum of 12 user accounts during their first year. At the standard rate of £5,000 this means that the average cost per posting per user is likely to be as low as just 60 pence (US$0.98 / €0.72).

H2 New and Updated Subscriber Postings Rolling Average

Key Features of the Service

  • Multiple Users per Organisation (Maximum of 12 in First Year Increased with Every Unbroken Year of Subscription);
  • Unique User Access Via Password Protected Area on Our Website;
  • 544 New / Updated Postings in 2013, Expected to Increased to c650–700 in 2014;
  • All Inclusive Service – Subscribers Now have Complementary Access to All Our One Off Reports Such as Those on Mobile Gambling and United States iGaming;
  • Weekly Email Outs to All Users Highlighting All Updates / New Postings;
  • All New Postings / Updates Recorded in the Subscriber Area;
  • Subscriber Area Highlights Which Materials are New Since User’s Last Log In or Have Not Been Downloaded;
  • All Datasets in Microsoft Excel and Reports / Papers in PDF;
  • Support Provided / Questions Answered;
  • Release of Data Included for Use in Most Public Presentations / Documentation (Excluding those associated with large IPOs / other major transactions).

About H2

H2 Gambling Capital (H2) is widely recognised as the foremost of data and market intelligence regarding all aspects of the global gambling industry. H2's data is widely regarded as the Industry standard.

Since the establishment of the H2 Gambling Capital brand in early 2008, utilising a global gambling data base which work originally commenced on in c2001, H2 has become the go to source for data regarding most aspects of the global gambling industry and particularly the fast growing interactive sector which has developed out of nothing to account for over 8% of the value of the global industry in just 15 years.

As a result H2’s data has become by far the most quoted regarding the sector in company reports, transaction documentation and sell-side analysts’ notes as well as the sector / business media.

The vast majority of the sector’s leading operators and service providers as well as many of the leading financial institutions and management consultants subscribe to the H2 service. In all H2’s team has worked with or supplied information to over 700 organisations over the past decade.

H2 offers the most comprehensive iGaming / land based data service as well as detailed market reports and bespoke consultancy. In total the subscriber area of H2's website now includes almost 2 million data points with an average of 20,000 being published / refreshed each week and a total of as many as 7,000 new or updated dataset or report updates planned for 2014.

Further details may be found at www.h2gamblingcapital.com or by emailing data@h2gc.com

As well as being iGaming Business' official data partner H2 is a Gerson Lehrman partner firm and partnered with TrustPartners (Italy) and Gaming Edge Associates (UK).