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H2 Sets Record for Subscriber Postings in 2017

Posted on 03 February 2018 in General

Once again H2 are pleased to report that during 2015 H2 posted a record 1,259 new or updated postings in our password protected area for our subscribers. This represents an average of 129 per month and was over 10% up on the previous record achieved in 2016.

In addition to regular updates of our national gambling datasets, regulatory updates 2017 saw the addition of a weekly Global Betting Summary Dataset as well as the extension of all of our forecasts to 2022.

Going forward H2 is planning as many as 2,000 new or updated postings in 2018 / the launch of new weekly summary headline, interactive, casino and lottery datasets. 

All subscribers are now eligible to unlimited user accounts. At the standard rate of £5,000 this means that the average cost per posting per user is likely to be as low as just 16 pence (US$0.23 / €0.18).

For further information regard the H2 Subscription please email us


H2 New and Updated Subscriber Postings Rolling Average