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Euro 2020 To Generate €8bn of Wagers

Posted on 11 June 2021 in General

H2 Gambling Capital, the leading data consultancy for the global gambling industry, expects almost €8bn to be wagered on this summer’s Euro 2020 tournament, generating over €800m in gross win for the industry.

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This is equivalent to 1.6% of total global betting turnover for the year, and 1.2% of total global betting gross win. However, part of this depends on how far the most popular teams progress during the tournament. As an example, when France won the World Cup in 2018, betting on the World Cup in France accounted for almost 10% of total sportsbetting (exc. horse racing) turnover that year.

Mobile / In-Play Driven Growth

H2 estimates that the interactive channel will account for over 80% of turnover on the tournament and two thids of gross win for operators. Within this, mobile will account for 56% of all interactive gross win, or 37% of total gross win.

In-play has also been a key driver of growth in recent years, and H2 forecasts in-play betting to account for 43% of all online betting activity, or 29% of total gross win on the tournament.

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Geographical Split

The majority of wagers will be generated from Europe, accounting for over 85% of global wagers on the tournament, although H2 also expects significant interest in the tournament from the Asia / Middle East region.


Customer Numbers 

Analysis of company data shows the importance of football tournaments (World Cup / Euros) in terms of customer acquisition. Active player numbers fall by an average of 6% in Q2 vs Q1 in non-tournament years, but increase by 11% in tournament years.


H2 Gambling Capital is the lead data consultancy for the global gambling industry.

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