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H2 In the News: Betting Makes the Right Call on Tennis Integrity

Posted on 21 January 2020 in General

Integrity is a key component in moving the betting sector forward. H2 Gambling Capital worked in partnership with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) to analyse how lower level tennis would be affected by a betting ban, we're pleased to see our data quoted by SBC News

"Stakeholder cooperation, combined with an understanding of big picture dynamics, have seen betting progress on its support of tennis integrity (...). There will be a complete discontinuation of live scoring data at WTT $15k events once all further integrity protection measures have been put in place. At the same time, the ITF will be increasing the number of games at the $25k level.

In maintaining betting at the $25k event level, the IBIA suggested the ITF has opted to preserve betting on a product which has proven “popular with consumers”.

Citing data from H2 Gambling Capital, the IBIA said online tennis betting has grown substantially in the past decade, with lower-level tennis stated to have been worth circa $820m in 2017.

The H2 report noted that in the event of a full prohibition on all lower-level tennis, there would have likely been a “three-way switch” with some incremental increase in betting on other forms of tennis (...)."

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